Conflux Oceanus Mining Testing


The first stage of the Conflux Network mainnet - Pontus - was launched on April 27, 2020. Conflux Pontus provided a stable underlying network environment for partners on the Conflux ecosystem to test and develop DApps. During Conflux Pontus, the SHA256 algorithm was used for mining, and we organized community members to conduct ten medium-scaled mining activities to examine the stability and security of the entire network. We found bugs that only appeared in extreme cases and have fixed them. On July 18, 2020, Conflux Network Mainnet Phase II - Oceanus - was finally launched. To allow community members to participate further in the development of Conflux Oceanus, we will organize community members to join medium-scale (100+ participants) to large-scale (1000+ participants) mining activities to verify the stability and security of the entire network. Note that during Conflux Oceanus, the CFX mined are not the official tokens. Therefore, the Conflux Foundation will dedicate a large budget to encourage and incentivize community members to contribute computing power and increase the security of the Conflux Network. Later in Phase II - Oceanus, when the Conflux Network is stable and secure, we will upgrade the PoW algorithm used in Oceanus and transition into the final mining algorithm of Conflux Mainnet Phase III - Tethys. Currently, the Conflux Foundation has decided to dedicate a generous amount of FC into a Testing Fund to host the Conflux Oceanus Mining Testing Activity. The Conflux Oceanus Mining Testing Activity will be divided into several phases, and this is the 14th phase. CPU mining - minimum mining system configuration: CPU: i5 or higher Memory: 8GB or more SSD: 200G or more Bandwidth: 20Mbps or more GPU mining - minimum mining system configuration (the higher, the better): Graphics card type: NVIDIA GPU Graphics Memory: 8GB or more SSD: 200G or more Bandwidth: 20Mbps or more

Mining Testing - Phase XIV
The purpose of this event is to allow more community members to join Conflux Oceanus and Conflux Testnet. The software release version of mining testing phase XIV is
on Conflux Oceanus and
on Conflux Testnet. The basic principle is that one wallet address corresponds to one Bounty account (If there are repeated entries of participating wallet addresses and/or bounty platform accounts, only one will be valid for the participation).Clarification of previous phases:
Starting Time: 27th of October - 00:00 (GMT+8) Finishing Time: est. 29th of October 2020 - 00:00 (GMT+8) Total Duration: 48h Notice: During the testing phase, Conflux Network might suspend the activity at any given time according to the network situation. Please pay attention to notifications.
User Clauses:
This testing activity is supervised by the Conflux Foundation and the Community Testing Team. The final interpretation right belongs to the Conflux Foundation. Participating in this activity is deemed to accept the following regulations: The Conflux Foundation reserves the right to modify, improve and add events or rules at any point in the testing activity, and at any time during and after the activity to disqualify entries and earned mining rewards including, but not limited to, attempts or suspected exploitation, fraud, or malicious attacks on the Oceanus Network. When insulting or threatening the organizer, the Conflux Foundation reserves the right to cancel the rights of participants and earned mining rewards.
  • At the beginning of the Conflux Network Mainnet Phase II - Oceanus, both CPU and GPU mining algorithms can be used. The PoW algorithm during Oceanus is not the mining algorithm in Conflux Mainnet Phase III - Tethys. Any mining programs developed by community members spontaneously cannot be used directly in Tethys.
  • This mining testing activity is GPU mining based, and the following configurations are the minimum mining system requirements: Graphics card type: NVIDIA GPU Graphics Memory: 8GB or more SSD: 200G or more Bandwidth: 20Mbps or more Please confirm and accept the following terms: if your mining system configurations are below the minimum system requirements, problems such as unable to synchronize or failure in mined blocks being detected by Conflux Network's mining monitor system, your efforts may not be paid off. Please be aware and participate carefully.
  • The Conflux Foundation is not responsible for any direct or indirect losses caused by your participation in related competitions and testing activities. Please participate carefully.
  • There is a high risk of participating in cryptocurrency-related activities, and your investment is likely to have no return. The price of the relevant tokens may fluctuate significantly, and the Conflux Foundation is not responsible for any potential losses.